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Shoot Shoot Bang Bang

Posted on 2010.03.07 at 12:23
Location: dining room
Mood: chipperchipper
Ambient Noise: age of mythology
Apparently this game does not have internet presence - at least under this name. Who here knows this game?

Here's how you play:
Someone (who knows the trick) holds their fingers like a gun and, while saying "Shoot! Shoot! Bang! Bang!" points at four people (or the same person twice, then a lamp, then someone else - it doesn't actually matter) then queries "Who'd I hit?" and the others have to guess the victim. The trick is, whoever talks first after the question "Who'd I hit?" is the one who was hit, regardless of who the "gun" pointed at. Thus, players who know what's up will, sometimes, immediately answer, "Me!" and will always be right. Players still in the dark will then often guess that player - but, since to do so they have to speak themselves (thereby becoming the victim), will be wrong. Everyone else gets to laugh at them shamelessly. Note that such noncommittal utterances such as "um," "let me think," and "I'm hungry" also count as speaking. Advanced players may, when wielding the "gun," say "Who'd I hit this time?" I'll leave this to your bright mind to figure out... who was hit?

Does anyone know of this game, or another version or name for it? I was shocked to find the internet had never heard of it. BUT NOW IT HAS!

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