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The Meaning of Life

Posted on 2010.06.28 at 14:00
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Last night, I asked Greg what the meaning of life is. After answering, he turned the question on me. I thought for just a second and found the answer fairly ready in my heart: Aligning yourself and the world more closely to God.

He asked, what if you're not sure there is a God? I thought more carefully - we'd been talking earlier about the nature of God and realized that what I call God does exist, no question. He asked what about other people who aren't sure? I said, then you word it differently, but the meaning is the same. ((I think of God as, basically, the will of love and good))

Thought you all might be interested in finally knowing the meaning of life :)


flyingpinkllama at 2010-06-28 22:14 (UTC) (This entry is lonely)
A girl from the farm told me, probably inadvertently, what the meaning of life is: to love. Life got a bit simpler from then on.

And Greg's view on the meaning of life?
The 6th Happiness
the6thhappiness at 2010-06-30 02:03 (UTC) (This entry is lonely)
He said something about connecting with people -- but you could tell he was just casting about. The epilogue is that he said he thought he'd adopt mine.

To love - that's a big part of what I mean. It's a good answer.
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