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Lord's Prayer revisited

Posted on 2010.09.11 at 11:27
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Back in India, I did quite a bit of thinking about religion. One of the things I thought about was the Lord's Prayer, which I have felt to be a very good, meaningful, humble prayer. I read an analysis of its meaning in the back of one of Alex's Bibles, though, and I realized that it almost certainly means something very different to me than to most people. I then wrote out a few pages explaining my own interpretation of each section. For some time, I continued to say this prayer in the words I was taught, keeping in mind the meaning those words have for me. But I had a growing sense that the other meanings of those words (starting with "Father") got in the way, and that I ought to reconstruct it so that what I believe is the true meaning is closer to the surface. At some point when Greg and I were driving through Mississippi or something, that need took on a sense of immediacy. And so I wrote the following words, which Greg thought should be shared with the world. I share them with you, in case they might serve as a conduit for your prayers as well.

Dear God, Force unseen, One beyond my knowing,
Provide for our basic needs today, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.
Let us begin again our efforts to be better people, and let us respect the efforts of others, instead of holding their failures against them.
Protect us from our own weaknesses, help us stop those of our behaviors that are harmful, and take away those things that harm and oppress us.
You are the ideal; You are true power; You deserve the credit for all good things.
This I believe.


kkibblerr at 2010-09-12 23:11 (UTC) (This entry is lonely)
I really like this exercise! And what you wrote. I think I will use it in the future with teen groups. Can I share this with Mac and Ethan? The three of us have been discussing the Lord's prayer a lot, and different ways of saying it.

Here is what I think I mean when I say the Lord's Prayer.

Caregiver to us all,
whose presence is sure,
and whose name is holy:
Let this earth be as you intended;
let your will, and not mine, govern my life --
let me look to you as the angels do.
Fill me today with goodness and love.
Forgive me the mistakes I have made,
and let me truly forgive the hurts others have given me.
Keep my eyes on the path you have laid before me,
and protect me from harm as I walk.
For you are the ruler of all,
you are in complete control,
and I owe you all love and praise.
Thank you and amen.
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